Creative Writing/Indie Publishing Online Course Outline

This is My Expertise.

I've been telling stories my entire life. In preschool, I would edit my Dr. Seuss books and Highlights Magazine, making them better (I know now the value of Seuss' canon). When I received a Fischer Price kitchenette, instead of creating stories centered around me placing food on the table, I grabbed crayons and wrote the stories on the plastic counter and cabinets and stove. I started writing novels when I was in middle school, and in high school my poetry was featured in San Antonio Express News. 

It only made sense that I pursue my love of words in college, getting a BA in English from Oklahoma Baptist University and serving as a section editor for the award winning yearbook. From there, I began a ten year career as a high school English teacher. During my tenure, I received a M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a bid to continue on in Doctorate studies (I declined).

I love teaching. I love creating curriculum that allows others to find their core. And since starting my career as an online educator and story coach, I've developed curriculum for eCourses, retreats, workshops, classes, and individual coaching. I've also self published three  novels and one book on indie publishing, and one of my novels even earned the title of Hot New Release from Amazon. 

Also? I've worked with over 400 women in finding and telling their story well. 

I can't wait to start working with you. One of my favorite memories of teaching includes the brilliantly creative stories my students would pen in my classroom. These are the stories I want to help you write. These are the stories I believe can be developed into books.

I started writing my first book when I was in middle school. 

I can't remember much of the plot, but I do remember a scandalous scene that took place during lunch. I'm pretty sure there was a love triangle. I'm almost certain I was writing my current love story. Even though I can't remember the specifics, I remember typing away at my grandmother's old beat up desktop computer, believing that somehow that story would find its way into the world.

It never did. 

But I wrote more stories — and outside of an independent study program I wasn't able to participate in because of relocation, there wasn't ever a place for me to pursue this love of words. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized maybe this writing thing means something...maybe I really will write books one day. 

My question for you: what if you could focus on the different genres of writing and finish that book NOW?

The indie market is one where anyone can upload and publish their novel for free on Amazon and Kobo and Nook. Why not you? Why wait until you're out of college? Your story can be written now while it's fresh and the ideas are spinning around wildly with poetic frenzy. 

Imagine holding your words in your hand. 

That's the goal with this class. 


  • you love to write and you're between the ages of 14 and 18

  • you know you have a book you want to write but you can't seem to find the time to start

  • writing a book feels impossible

  • you don't want to wait until you're in college to publish your book

  • allowing others to read + critique your work sounds terrifying 

  • you crave a community of writers your age who love words as much as you

  • learning about the publishing industry and how it's changing excites you

  • you need (and want!) accountability and encouragement to push your story from good to great

  • you want to know how to juggle school and manuscript writing

The Teen Program is Split into Three Focuses:



Think of this as your favorite classroom that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will be your space where you can connect and meet other people your age who are in the middle of writing a book themselves. Here you can pair up with a critique partner, ask questions about what's getting you stuck, or simply hang out with everyone else online. 



It's not enough to know the story you want to write — you need to know how to write it. These classes will cover plot, characterization, dialogue, building an online presence, your cyber footprint, indie publishing, connecting with your readers, writer's block, editing and revising, and more. And, they'll include curriculum tailor made for getting that book DONE. All of our classes will be held twice a month on Saturdays via Zoom.  



Imagine the opportunity to pick the brain of someone at any moment — whether it be through Facebook post, email, or one-on-one Skype sessions. This is what you'll get with the coaching element of this class. I'm your built in support system and will be available to answer any of your questions you may have along the way. Sometimes, we'll host a group coaching chat online. Sometimes, there will be a Q&A thread in our online classroom. Every month, I'll post my availability for Skype sessions and you can grab them until they're gone. We'll meet via Skype and talk about what's getting you stuck. Whatever you need, I'm there. 


What else is included?

Here's a complete breakdown of what you'll get —

  • Classes held twice a month to get you through your manuscript + publication

  • Free copy of my book Indie Confidence

  • Free sessions of one-on-one coaching that focus on pain-points in your writing 

  • Developmental edits focused on plot, pacing, and characterization

  • Built in support from me + priority availability 

  • Exclusive emails + tutorials on self-publishing and crafting narrative

  • Connection + Networking in our private classroom (parents, you're invited!)

  • Quarterly Weekend Intensives for brainstorming lightbulb moments for your manuscript 

  • Publishing calendars you can follow 

  • Special Q&A's with Authors 

  • Worksheets and curriculum tailor made for completing your project with precision and care.

  • Monthly cohort writing days where you'll be able to come and go as your schedule allows

  • Opportunities to collaborate with members of the program through mentorship, intensives, and special blended writing days


Want more specifics?

Once you pay, you'll receive an email pointing you to our classroom. This will include everything you need to know about beginning well + some encouragement to fight those jitters that always come when you jump into something new. Our classroom will be live and I will be available for questions and interaction immediately. 

Each month, you will receive worksheets and videos related to the theme as well as my one-on-one coaching availability.  I'll have a variety of times for you to choose from if you're needing to sign up for a session. Class times will be the first and third Saturdays of every month and will be recorded for those unable to make the call. These are great opportunities to dive deeper into the content, so bring your questions and concerns. Over the course of two hours, we'll work to untangle the knots keeping you stuck. The Cohort days are some of my favorites. The second Saturday of every month, we'll gather around online and pretend as if we're sitting next to each other in a coffee shop. Every hour or two, I'll check in to see how everyone is doing and give you a chance for some flash coaching. There is always lots of laughter in these calls. Lots of laughter, lots of coffee, and lots of words.

How will the developmental editing go? I will have at least three openings a month for developmental editing. Some months are busier than others, and so my availability may waver, but there will be opportunity to sign up for a deadline once you're in the classroom. I do this on purpose. Setting a deadline and staying accountable to someone else is an amazing way to get that book finished. What if you've already finished your book? Fantastic! You can jump right in with the developmental and copy editing and spend the time perfecting those words into something that sings. What's developmental editing? Developmental editing focuses primarily on pacing, characterization, and plot. I may find a few grammatical snags, but for the most part I'll be worrying about whether or not your story makes sense. I'll have suggestions for who to hire as an editor if you're interested once your manuscript gets to the stage of necessary polishing.













How much does it cost?

A full year of manuscript consultation would cost 10,000 dollars
Developmental editing would cost anywhere from 1,500 dollars.
Other cohorts, minus coaching, require an investment of 1,000 dollars. 
A year of group coaching would cost 1,000 dollars. 
Two classes a month would cost 1,400 dollars

But this class only costs $500 for the entire year or $65 a month and you will receive a high school credit through Firelight Academy for Advanced Creative Writing.


Are you ready? I thought so. You can enroll below. This class is limited to 50 participants so grab your spot while you can.



4716 Bull Creek Road, Austin, TX