Our Academy Team

Honors Humanities Courses 

Carrie is a graduate from Texas Tech University with a triple major in English, History and Education, with teaching experience in both public and private schools. Blending History and English is her passion.  She enjoys showing students how the study of English and History ideas are intertwined allowing them a greater appreciation for understanding the historical context from which inspire an author's story.

In addition to teaching dual credit English/ History courses for Firelight, Carrie also teaches  weekend and summer academic writing classes for Austin Chinese Education Services.  

Honors Middle and High School Science Courses

Paige Kirsch is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Biology and Education. She has taught a myriad of math and science courses, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Pre-Med electives. Her hybrid online courses combine her years of experience with the belief that learning should be explorative and fun! 

Ms. Kirsch has various connections in the scientific community, and she strives to connect kids with people in the field. She leads cadaver dissections and insider's trips to NASA throughout the year. She also does stand-alone STEM labs with co-ops in the greater Austin area!

Honors Biology+ and Health Science

Victor is passionate about learning and teaching the science of life.  He earned his B.A. in Biology from Hamilton College (N.Y.) before completing his medical degree at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.  He went on a decade-long career in surgery in Dublin and London, during which he taught many medical students, nurses and surgical residents.


Over the past 7 years Victor has spent thousands of hours teaching scores of private students ranging from first graders to Harvard medical students, surgical residents and CEO’s.  He has shared his excitement about the origin, evolution, diversity, and beautiful complexity of life, while always relating it all back to the importance of maintaining one’s own personal health.

Victor loves adapting his approach to each of his students and enjoys the satisfaction that comes with seeing the awe in their eyes as they discover how amazing life truly is.  He is proud and grateful for the nearly 300 five-star ratings his students have given him over the years.


Victor is from Mexico, his wife Sandra is from France, and they are raising their twin daughters in a trilingual home.

Honors Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, and Honors Algebra II

June has been working with homeschoolers for over 3 decades and loves the challenge of meeting the needs of the wonderful variety of students she meets. With a BA from

Stanford University, she earned her MA in math education and secondary teaching certification from UT’s Honors in Education program. She taught in the TASP program at

UT for 4 years with students who were verbally confident but who struggled with math—it was very rewarding to see them gain the skills and insight they needed to leave those

struggles behind.

June also worked on algebra textbooks at Holt, Rinehart 

well as co-authoring an algebra review book for Barron’s. 

students took her back to the homeschool community: first in Florida, close to mom and sister, where she worked privately with students in math, reading, writing, grammar,

history, geography, and music; and then back in Austin at Jones Academy for two years and then at Firelight from its inception.


Now living in south Austin with her daughter’s family, June enjoys time with her two granddaughters and playing flute and recorder with musician friends.




4716 Bull Creek Road, Austin, TX