Commonly Asked Questions

What are your tuition costs?


Where is your campus located? 

Why do you have hybrid and online courses?

We value a quality life for our parents and students. So much of our lives are spent traveling to and from places when it could be spent going deeper into learning! Because of this Firelight offers hybrid classes! We strive to give our students then best of both worlds--where they can have a quality, collaborative educational experience with their peers while maintaining the freedom that homeschooling promises. We are here to partner with you to give your students a wonderful education and life!

Where do you get your curriculum? 

Curriculum is built from the ground up by each instructor. This allows true individualization. We understand there isn't one perfect textbook so we pick and choose based on the needs of the students. This is what makes us different. Every single one of our teachers holds a degree in the subject they teach. They use their own creativity and mastery to build the best possible solution for the students in their class. 


What are the average class sizes? 


12:1 Teacher to student ratio. 

Why do you encourage scientific writing? 

Students learn the importance of concise, formal lab reports from properly prepared lab notes. Carefully, crafted reports insure proper citation and paraphrasing skills necessary to the outside theory research, so that students avoid plagiarism. Student assessments demonstrate mastery of analytical skills by explaining procedures and purpose of lab experiments, as well as discussion, in their own words.  

What makes your courses "honors" courses? 

Honors courses are designed so that the student must complete additional work outside traditional classroom instruction.  This  additional work is focused on obtaining and mastery of  higher-order thinking skills such as the synthesis and evaluation of subject content. These classes move a little faster and go a little more in depth. Students should be  challenged enough in these classes  to maintain interest, without being overwhelmed. 



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