NHD provides an opportunity for students to push past the antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and understanding. Students compete in various categories as an individual or  as a group in research paper writing, research exhibits,  historical performance, documentaries, and websites.


  • For enrolled Firelight Students $100 

  • Non-Firelight Students $250-- covers instructor time, space rental, and project feedback.

2017-2018 AWARDS

  • After our first year participating in National History Day. Firelight placed at 1st and 2nd place Regionals for research paper writing, 1st place for research exhibits, we progressed to state and ended up in the top 8 for research papers for BOTH papers, but alas, we didn't make the top two for Nationals. Students won the C. M. Caldwell Memorial Award for Texas History (competing against ALL categories, not just research writing) , Texas Historical Records Advisory Board’s Best Use of Texas Archival Collections, Regionals Outstanding Entry (competing against ALL categories, not just research writing), and both won Distinguished Writing for their topics. Many of these awards came with cash, so students went home with $500.



Firelight student will have an opportunity to apply for our new Honor Society!


  • Currently enrolled in Firelight with an "A" average.

  • Participate in one community service project approved by Firelight Academy

  • A test score of 88 (CLT), 1800 (Old SAT), or 1200 (New SAT), 26 (ACT) , 1200 (PSAT) 1200 (PSAT 10), 1200 (PSAT 8/9), a 90% composite score on the Iowa or 90% on the  total battery on the Stanford nationally normed standardized achievement tests is required for ESA membership.

  • Yearly Dues




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