Ms. Turner's Math Courses:

Ms. Turner's math courses will be taught either at the South Campus or online.  


- Algebra Problem-solving is  for 7th-8th graders. This course is focused on kids with advanced math skills who would benefit from a year of applying pre-algebra and algebra skills to real-world situations using texts by Edward Zaccaro. This course will be taught on line, twice/week.

- Pre-calculus/Trigonometry will cover the algebra topics needed to test out of College Algebra, and will cover trigonometry and pre-calculus basics for students who want preparation for those classes in college. (One class in-person, one class online/week)

Mr. Modesty's Math Courses:

Mr. Modesty has been teaching high school math for over thirty years. He strives to break down concepts into clear, easy-to-understand means. Mr. Modesty's Math Courses will be taught either online or through a mix of online and in-person group discussions and lessons at the Central Austin Campus. We are incredibly fortunate to have Mr. Modesty on the Firelight Academy Team!



4716 Bull Creek Road, Austin, TX